Splash Into Spring

A fashion spread about a girl living in her imaginary world. Features original illustration, photography and typography. Gold award in the Graphis New Talent of 2013.

AU Magazine

A magazine of science and philosophy. Incorporates topics that are related to the study of alchemy. Features original photography and illustration.


A newsletter that includes several short articles on the topic of violent demolition to introduce an ongoing social issue through the use of typography and imagery.

The Missing Tonality

A relationship built upon two photographs of different objects, which are similar in color, form and tone to convey a new message.

Halloween Greetings

A set of photographic Halloween cards that highlights the secret life of Halloween skeletons. Skeletons created by a group of anonymous artists.

Love, Dream, Memory, Happiness

A series of panels that interprets a life journey of an individual through imagery and expressive typography.


A set of background sceneries for "Illumination," an animated short film about a writer searching for inspiration from a land of desert to a grass field where the flowers bloom.


A set of illustrations that captures the lively appearance of bird through color, form and movement.

Let Me Fly

A series of panels that unfolds a short story between a little girl and a bird who wants to learn how to fly.


Illustrations created through line and shape based on the lifestyle and the structural form of the corresponding animals.


A message built upon a transformation from an image to a word. A response to an environmental issue.


Portraits composed based on personality traits and self-identification.

Architectural Lettering

A series of Letters constructed in the architectural style of James Wines.


An animated short film that narrates the mind of a writer, who goes on a journey to search for his book in the dream.


A narrative title sequence made for Fritz Lang's movie "M". Features original animation, typography and illustration.


A needle-scratched-illustrated 16mm leader film that depicts the cycle of consumption and the mysterious life of undersea creatures.

To Each His Own

A brief animated clip with a message created by a series of transformations between objects that resemble similarities.

The Loch Ness Monster

A typographic reinterpretation of The Loch Ness Monster, who might not turn out to be as mystical as it seems. Collaborated with Jaclyn Mckay and Alicia Adamerovich.


A splitscreen of a food contest between three best friends. Involves interaction in dimensions, characters and objects. Collaborated with Jaclyn Mckay and Alicia Adamerovich.

Mind Flicks

A teaser for Film Follies 2013, an annual graphic design short film showcase. Collaborated with 14 other designers. View Film Follies 2013.

The Magical Toilet

A comic strip that narrates a series of actions that leads from one to another. Depicts one of the many ways to get out of a locked bathroom!

The Vending Machine

A comic strip that narrates the result of trying to pick up a quarter under the vending machine. Sometimes it's better to just let it go!

The Clown

A comic strip that expresses emotion through characters in silhouette. Making people happy is as difficult as it is easy!

The Fisherman

A comic strip that builds up intensity in content and illustration as the story develops. Every fishing experience has its own surprising result!

The Dinner

A comic strip that experiments with layout and size of the panels according to the content. Always remember to check what is inside of the pot before cooking!

The Monster In The Bushes

A short graphic novel that narrates a story between a girl and a mysterious monster. Inspired by childhood memory.

Come & Go

An ongoing Manga, also known as Japanese Comics, that describes a world where the fouls and the demons are created by the formation of human's negative thoughts. Original story writing and illustration.

Inspire Tomorrow's Miracles

A winning logo for Penn State Dance Marathon of 2013, a fundraising campaign for the fight against pediatric cancer.

Swing For Life

A mark that assembles dance and love. Created to be applied on website, T-shirts and other merchandise for a dance organization.

Sidewalk Sales

A proposed mark for the central Pennsylvania festival art work sale, which brings over a hundred of thousands of visitors to Penn State community each summer.

Hummingbird Bar & Grill

A logo for a fictional Bar & Grill located in Nestintown that is famous for its hummingbird grill smell.

Celebration of Graduate Education

A mark designed to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of graduate education using image as type.

Against Violent Demolition

A proposed logo design for an activist organization. Depicts a competing force between homes and an excavator.


A T-shirt design combined Pennsylvania Pink Zone and Penn State Lady Lion. A unified force in the fight against breast cancer.

Classical Music Project

A proposed mark for a classical music campaign for choir, ensemble and musicals. Collaborated with Jaclyn Mckay and Kate Kreisher.

World of Dreams

A poster for a film festival that involved creating costumes, stylizing models and art directing photo shoot.

MLK Poster

A proposed poster for the 28th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration 2013. Features original hand lettering.


An anti-smoking poster. A selected poster in the 21st International Biennial Competition of Humor and Satire in the Arts, 2013.

World of Antiques

A series of posters that advertises the grand opening of an antique store with collections of arts, musical instruments and inventions.

Energy Comparison

A bar chart that compares wind energy installation between nations and the percentage of installation between different resources of energy.

Lobster Fishery Timeline

A historical timeline that illustrates the demographic and economic trends of lobster fishery in Northeastern U.S..

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